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Flamingo nXt 5 released

Flamingo nXt 5 was released on 19-February-2016. This release integrates Flamingo with the built-in Rhino Rendering interface RDK. This new version is a free upgrade for existing Flamingo nXt owners. For more infomation on other upgrade pricing go the the Buy page.

What is new or improved in this version?

  • Integrate Flamingo with the Rhino rendering framework (RDK)
  • Better real-time simulation in the viewport (Rendered view)
  • Drag & Drop materials integrated with Rhino
  • Supports Rhino mesh modifiers
  • Removed duplicate interface elements between Flamingo and Rhino
    • Use the built-in Rhino texture mapping tools
    • Direct integration with native Rhino material libraries
    • Familiar Flamingo material editor panels within the Rhino material editor.
    • Supports multiple environments
  • New "Hybrid" render engine combines features of both the existing default and pathtracer engines. Previously the rendering artifacts left by the default renderer were severe shadows and effects early in a rendering. The Pathtracer was slower, but had fewer artifacts. The new Hybrid engine tries to strike a compromise between these two.
  • FlamingoRT - an experimental, modeless render preview window. The RT window is constantly rendering as the model updates. Works in a low priority worker thread and updates when the referenced view is idle.

Flamingo nXt released

Flamingo nXt was released on 31-March-2012. This third major Flamingo release is based on completely new technology. Designed to provide the highest possible quality images with the minimal rendering technology expertise.

Flamingo nXt is also designed to minimize the time and effort required to set up a model for rendering.




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