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Educational Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I am in school, but I really need all the features of commercial version to do my work. What should I do?

A: Buy a single-user educational license because it's exactly the same software as the commercial version at a special price for students.

Q: I own an educational license and I will finish school at the end of this term. I want to use it in my work after I graduate. Do I have to upgrade to a commercial license when I leave school?

A: No. You can continue to use the educational license after you are out of school. Only when you upgrade to the next major release, would you buy the commercial upgrade and pay the commercial upgrade price.

Q: I own an educational license that I no longer need. Can I sell it to my friend, who is also a student?

A: No. educational licenses cannot be transferred (or sold) to anyone else. That is the only difference (besides the cost) between educational and commercial licenses.

Q: I have a single-user educational license and have upgraded it by paying commercial upgrade. Has my license become a commercial one (that is, can I resell it)?

A: Yes, it is now a normal commercial license and you can resell it.

Q: Can I upgrade my educational single user license to a commercial one? How much will it cost?

A: Yes, but only when you upgrade to a new version, and you pay the commercial upgrade price. Then your educational license changes into a commercial one. Meanwhile, there is no need to upgrade to a commercial license since the educational software is the same as the commercial software.

Q: Can I buy more than one educational license?

A: Students and faculty members may only buy one single-user educational license each. Schools can buy as many as they need.

Single user license for students, faculty, staff, and schools

  • Full-featured - the same as the commercial version.
  • For students, faculty (teachers, instructors, and professors), and schools only (proof of status is required)
  • Upgradeable at educational prices if the owner still qualifies for educational prices
  • Upgradeable at commercial prices if the owner no longer qualifies for educational prices can be used for either educational or commercial activities
  • Not transferable (cannot be sold or transferred to another user)

Lab license for schools

  • Full featured - the same as the commercial version
  • A license to use on 30 computers in a single classroom or lab
  • Or, a license to use as a 30-user network license